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Club News

AAC memberships are renewed on an annual basis. New membership packets for 2011 are now available. Memberships can be renewed at the tournaments or local archery shops

New Austin Archery Club Hats & Long Sleeve Shirts will be available for sale $10 each at tournaments.

Your help is needed:
AAC is a club and does not employ anyone. All monies received for membership and tournament fees are used to pay bills and club improvements. All work is performed by club members. This includes club business, tournaments, new equipment purchases, and general maintenance of the property. Club membership is growing, but most of the work is being performed by a dedicated few. We need additional support from our members to insure that the workload is more manageable and not overloading the officers and other working contributors.

Areas where we need more help:

  • Tournaments- set-up, take-down, booth duty, concession duty.
    Concession and booth duty are great for non-shooting family members
  • Club Business- mail pick-up, checkbook, paperwork, and many other business related activities.
    These are not physical in any way, but a little help goes a long way with keeping the business processes working.
  • Officers and other positions are available.

It has been discussed in the past that we may need to hire outside help for some of these activities. Unfortunately this would reduce the amount of money that we are able to put back into the club. If each member only volunteered a few hours a year, this would eliminate the need to spend money on help, and reduce the workload for all. The more help that we have, the less of a burden everyone will have. You can help as much or as little as you would like. Please contact one of the officers and volunteer where you can.


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